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In February,26th; the Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS) in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Islamic Endorsement (AWKAF) and Diakonia launched the opening event of SALMO project. The project aims at increasing the strength of the Egyptian society for social cohesion and peaceful coexistence, the project is a two-year pilot project and will be implemented in three governorates: Cairo, Qalyobia and Assiut.

A large group of Media, Religious leaders, Parliamentarians, Educational institution, INGOs, NGOs and interested audience members gathered to witness the launching of the project

Evelyn Botros; SALMO project manager said at her introductory speech that Peace is the name of God's most beautiful names in Islam. God is the Lord of peace and give us peace, happiness and welfare at all times. God is the source of peace and blessing. Peace is that simple word in its composition but very deep in its meaning. God has ordered us to peace and sent us all prophets for peace. Peace is the presence of love. Mrs. Botros said: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all participants who came to this especial event to form a platform for networking. And to share in this event, entitled "Peace for all people", this title which carries the hope of consolidate the concepts of love, brotherhood, tolerance and common denominators. And to meet all at one goal which is Peace. Mrs. Botros added: We can only look forward to a more equal and sustainable world if we have more peaceful and inclusive societies. That means we'll need to reduce violence and intolerance. by the end of the event, Mrs. Evelyn enlightened the participant on the project outlook, objectives and key interventions.

Mrs. Ghada Hammam, representative of Diakonia in Egypt, stressed that the idea of the project is to build cadres of Christian and Islamic religious leaders, as well as civil society leaders, to publish a religious speech that promotes peace and peaceful coexistence in society. in addition; SALMO project will work to activate the role of the media in addressing the issues of discrimination.

The event was a great success with audience and participants, providing positive feedback on the experience, inspirations and lessons learnt from the previous experiences.

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