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Emergency program

In cooperation with the HOPE organization--the development branch of the Coptic Church in the Southern American dioces of the USA--under the supervision of Bishop Youssef, and the ACT Alliance, BLESS has extended emergency relief services to the people effected by the flooding in September 2016, in the villages of Akhmim and Red sea dioceses. BLESS connected with the religious leaders of the Churches and El Azhar in the two governorates, to compile a list of the most effected people, and to assess the extent tp which they were affected. Additionally, BLESS provided financial support as a quick respond to help affected people in covering their basic needs, immediately following the crisis. Based on the needs assessment, BLESS distributed basic kitchen equipment and supplies, blankets, bedding, cupboards, and beds for affected families. The program directly served 1,389 families, roughly 8,334 people. Additionally, BLESS also provided 100 infant bed sheets to the Ras Gharab hospital. The first campaign from BLESS began on the 26th of October in Akmim’s villages. On the 27th October, BLESS implemented work in Ras Gharab. The second campaign began on the 24th of December in Akmim’s villages. On the 26th of December, BLESS initiated work in Ras Gharab .