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The program’s activities in rural areas are more or less the same in slums,
with little differences, related to the culture of peoples and environment.

Health and Environment Program Objectives.

Results and impact of health activities .

1- The increase of people’s awareness was reflected in:
Practicing better health habits and personal hygiene.
Decrease the number of unvaccinated infants
Decrease the infant mortality rate because of gastro-enteritis and dehydration.
Decrease the number of cases of acute respiratory diseases.
Acquirement the skills on first aid.

2- Women’s reproductive health has improved in terms of:
Pregnant women are having regular medical
check-ups and going to the medical
doctors for delivery.
A number of families has stopped practicing FGM.
Greater number of ladies are using contraceptive means.

3- A great number of beneficiaries live in dignity as a result of covering their basic needs,
i.e. repairing walls & floors, potable water
connections, electricity supply, and the
construction of pit latrines, hence improving their health status .