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SALEMO Partnership Planning Workshop

New Projects: SALMO

SALEMO project convened its first introductory workshop with the CSO project’s partners on April 9, and continued until Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Small teams from each of the two CSOs in Cairo and Assiut came together along with representatives from the CSOs management and board. They focused on establishing a strong mutual basis for a fruitful and sustainable partnership with SALEMO and BLESS.

The overall goals of the workshop were to
1- Increase the partners consistent understanding of SALEMO project (objectives, results, activities…etc.).
2. Identify Partners’ roles and responsibilities.
3- Understand areas of central interventions in which partners should contribute,
4. Recognize the methodology of results-oriented projects.
5. Understand the environment work policy and procurement guidelines.
6. Development of a Partnership plan of activities for the coming 8 months.

The workshop’s opening was by Dr. Hani Riad, Executive Director of BLESS. Dr. Riad welcomed the group. He outlined that BLESS desires to work better across different approaches in order to enhance its development programs; Dr. Riad stressed that partnership is at the heart of the agenda for improving outcomes, making effective costs for local services and allowing services to be delivered in a joined up way.

SALEMO team introduced two presentations. Presentations were primarily focused on establishing a strong understanding of SALEMO projects and streaming the key roles and responsibilities of partners.

The sessions also emphasized the sensitive nature of SALEMO project; inclusion is mandatory in all the project’s interventions. In addition, the importance of documentation of all activities was brought up. Monitoring success and elicitation of lessons learned for the future and scaling-up is highly required especially that this phase is considered as a pilot phase.

Dr. Rafik, an external consultant shared a brief presentation on the key considerations regarding the project methodology (results-oriented project). SALEMO's Performance Monitoring Framework was thoroughly discussed during this session.

The remainder of the workshop was spent in partnership planning time. The partners were able to continue to develop their action plans and discuss the priorities for activity and the key areas they had chosen to focus on given all the technical support and information they received during the whole workshop.

On the other side, the workshop also provided participants with a platform to outline the support they need to perform and exchange ideas and experiences.

During the closing session; all the participants were able to reflect on the content of the whole workshop and emphasis on how their roles could be seen as ‘something new’ for BLESS and SALEMO project.

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