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Success story in El Yasmeen village

March , 2018 Support Units: Planning and Monitoring Unit

One hand cannot clap:

El Yasmeen village is one of the poor villages in Beni-Suef. Its inhabitants suffered a lot from diseases and pollution due to the wastes and rubbish that are thrown by people in the streets and in the unplanted lands, which led the flies and insects to be spread in the area. That was not considered to be a safe or healthy environment to live in. Also, the people were always fighting with each other because of the unclean streets as there is a number of people whom are not aware of the importance of having a clean society. BLESS fieldworkers began raising the people’s awareness through the sessions and home visits which motivated the local cadres and volunteers to gather in a meeting in order to discuss all the environmental problems and think about solutions for them. They decided to send some representatives of them to present the problem in front of the local council. Both of the representatives and the local council decided to make a cleaning campaign for the village as a reply for their request. The success is that the ambition and determination of the people encouraged the local council, the local unit, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and different organizations in the village to cooperate with the inhabitants in making the cleaning campaign that took place in February, 22nd, 2018. This campaign was fruitful as it was another motive for these institutions and the people to gather in a public meeting under a slogan: “We are all partners in El Yasmeen village” to discuss the other environmental problems of the village and think about solutions. All the partners in El Yasmeen village decided that: they will locate a certain place for collecting the wastes and rubbish, they will have a deal with a clean worker to remove the rubbish from the village three days a week, they will activate the local contribution as they will collect fees from each other to pay for the clean worker, the local unit will send a water truck and a loader car regularly to keep the village clean. Besides, the people of El Yasmeen advocates for having a clean sanitation as a result of knowing their duties and rights. The officials emphasized their happiness about the change happened in the village, the quest of having ecofriendly society and the cooperation between all the society members. In addition to that, they were motivated to cooperate on the regional level and expressed their willingness to participate in BLESS events and to cooperate with BLESS in more activities to achieve real development in more than one village.