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Success story in El-Der el Sharqi village

March , 2018 Support Units: Planning and Monitoring Unit

A fight for a colored life:

Mrs. M.A, a 41 years old illiterate women who lived in El-Der el Sharqi village in Sohag governorate in Upper Egypt. M.A’s husband was suffering from brain stroke that hindered his ability to move and speak then he passed away in early 2018. Their five children are raised in very tight circumstances and specially the three younger ones who still in different educational stages. These conditions strengthened their personalities and their family bonds as they were all supporting each other to fight for life. In the face of the difficult circumstances, Mrs. M.A’s took the responsibility of her family as she was very determined and ambitious. She managed her time to attend handmade loom training that was held by a developmental organization and take care of her ill husband at the same time. To maximize the benefit of attending this training she bought a new mobile phone in order to record session by session and to apply it frequently at her home. Besides that, she attended illiteracy classes to learn how to count the numbers to help her in the craft. At the end of the training, the trainer provided them only two colors of loom fibers. Mrs. M.A took a loan of L.E 4000 from BLESS and contributed by L.E 2000 to buy more materials, enrich her productivity and start marketing her handcrafts. Now, Mrs. M.A produces carpets with cheerful colors and is capable of covering all the expenses of her family by leading her own micro-economic project in her house. She is a role model for the strong woman who breaks all the boundaries of poverty and illiteracy to create a colorful life for herself and her children.