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Success story in In El Zawaida

April , 2018 Development Sector: Health Development

The fall of the scourge is better than waiting for it:

The concept of periodically checkups is not a common habit among most of the Egyptians because of three reasons: first, the bureaucracy of the insurance system which gives the patient two choices worse than each other whether to pay a lot of money or wait for a long time in order to be treated on the government’s expenses. Second, the people’s lack of information about the latest provided services from the government as the government has recently begun facilitating the medical services through the campaigns of Hepatitis C and the early detection of breast and cervical cancer. Third, the people’s belief that detecting a disease may destroy their lives and make them live unhappily, so most of them prefer ignoring their health condition rather than the detection of a disease, following bureaucratic procedures and spending a lot of money. BLESS’ fieldworkers focus on correcting these wrong beliefs through the seminars and the health awareness classes. In April 2018, In El Zawaida, which is one of our targeted villages in Lower Egypt, BLESS organized a campaign for the early detection of the breast cancer with a partnership with the Ministry of Health. Before the campaign, the fieldworkers organized a seminar in order to raise the awareness of the women of the village and motivate them for caring of their health conditions for themselves and their families and for going to the checkup. At the beginning, the women opposed the idea, but the fieldworkers convinced them to face their fear and clarified to them that the early detection of the disease leads to a high percentage of cure. So, the women insisted on going to the extent that there were a group of women who were not able to go with the campaign because of the completion of the number of the participants as the fieldworkers have a certain quota for targeted beneficiaries. An encouraging strong woman started to mobilize the women who wanted to go to the campaign headquarter and took local contributions from them to rent a vehicle to transfer them. This woman took the leadership role to gather all the women and encourage them to overcome whatever will prevent them from checking up on themselves. The situation was changed hundred and eighty percent from being afraid of checking up to encouraging each other to go and this is the power of being together and of having aware local models who affect others.