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Success Story in El-Mamaria village

“Developing the Skills” Classes in El-Mamaria village - Al-Besailiya - Edfu in Aswan Governorate

On the 18 of June 2018, “Improving the Education” component together with the “Unleashing the Potential of New Generations” component at BLESS carried out joint activities of summer classes under the slogan (a kite).

Objectives of the activity:

  1. Raising the students’ capacities of reading, writing and math skills.
  2. Refining children’s ethics to help change their behavior.
  3. Enhancing children's skills and talents.

Target group: students of the primary and preparatory stages in the community as a whole.

Number of beneficiaries: (150) Students from both sexes.

    Beneficiaries' comments on the activity

  1. Hajar Ramadan at the primary stage: “I learnt to read and write. I studied the multiplication table and the class helped me develop my talent in drawing”.
  2. Nesma Hussein at the primary stage: “I learnt music and the alphabetical letters in an innovative way and through the usage of different movements”.
  3. Fam Attia at the primary stage: “I learnt a lot and changed for the better”.
  4. Fatma Gomaa at the preparatory stage: “The class helped me to manage my time better and change my behavior and way of thinking through the stories presented to us”.
  5. Bishoy Milad at the preparatory stage: “The class helped me improve my writing and reading skills. It also, helped me know how to overcome any difficulties that I might face”.
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