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The training of priests

Duration of training: 21 - 23 /1/2019 Location of training: St. Mark center at Nasr City Department:Human Resources Development Unit

Number of attendees: Thirty-four priests representatives of the following sectors: Six priests from Luxor and Aswan sector Seven priests from Upper Egypt sector Four priests from middle Egypt sector Eight priests from Beni Suef and north Minya sector Five priests from Lower Egypt and Alexandria slums development sector Four priests from Cairo slums sector El komos Timon El Soryani and the assistant of the Executive Director for the field attended the training, as well as, the sectors coordinators, their assistants and the training team. The meeting was blessed by the presence of H.G. Bishop Yolious in an open discussion with the priests. Mr. Ayman Karam welcomed the guests, introduced them to each other, and presented the program of the training. The training included subjects and workshops about: -The vision and strategy of BLESS presented by Mrs.\Ghada Sobhy -The Integrated Community Development Program presented by Mrs.\Hemat Seif -The concept and developing skills of learning by Mr.Samy El dayea -Ways to build leaders by Father: Michael Samir -Leadership thinking and the Innovative mentality by Father: Raphael Tharwat _Development challenges by Dr. Bassem Maher -The reality of the civil society in Egypt by Dr. Howeyda Adly