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Welcome! We’re BLESS

What is BLESS?

The Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS) is a general bishopric of the Coptic Orthodox Church. BLESS was established in 1962 to be the social, diaconal and development arm of the Church.
Brief History • BLESS was established by HG Late Bishop Samuel on September 30th, 1962
Historical Background

Vision and Mission

Vision : A community capable of investing its potential, accepting diversity, respecting differences, and preserving with human dignity.
Mission: Awakening the social-consciousness of individuals to liberate society from the bondage of poverty, ignorance, and illness. Emphasizing human values, reinforcing the Egyptian identity. Leading the change through community participation. BLESS will lead the change through field interventions, and the support of forming local entities.

BLESS target communities in the year 2018

What does the Community Development Offer?
  • Active at 40-45 communities at any given time
  • 2-5 years of engagement with each community
  • Essential service package; education, health and economic
  • 2-5 more services TBD based on community needs analysis
  • Strong focus on community empowerment and sustainability
  • Transfer of the know-how to local diocese/ communities
  • Provide lasting technical assistance to graduate communities
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BLESS has two major service departments:
- The Agape Program (charity services).
- The Community Development Program

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Facts & Figures to Know About Us(1998 – 2018)



BLESS has provided its services through 45 dioceses.
In addition, by December 31st, 2018 BLESS has completed its full coverage of 149 communities.


Literacy Certificate

86,600 literacy class participants have passed their Literacy exams.


housing improvement projects

21,805 housing improvement projects by providing access to potable water and to the national electricity power network, repairing floors, walls and roofs and providing furniture.


Vocational Training Courses.

8,650 trainees attended vocational training courses.


Employment Opportunities.

5,623 people got employment opportunities.


Income Generating Projects

7,981 beneficiaries implemented income generating projects trainees attended vocational training courses.


daycare facilities.

139 Daycare facilities were established.


Child clubs and talent schools

90 Child clubs were established and 15 talent schools were implemented .


Rural Clubs

91 rural clubs were established.